About Us


Lauren {Ashton} Allison and Hunter {West} Allison

We are the cofounders of Ashton and West, and yes our business name is our middle names put together! We are high school sweethearts of 7 years and we just recently married! Hunter has always had a love for building and Lauren has always had a love for designing and creating and sharing it with the world! Ashton and West began in the garage of our rental home in 2015 as a hobby to make a few extra bucks on the side and create things for ourselves. One social media post leads to another and more word is spread and it has brought us here- opening our own website! Ashtonandwest.com is more than just wood furniture and wood decor- we want to offer our favorite items to you as well!! Take your time and enjoy our site, we are happy to have you here! Your home is going to love this and we think you just might too!